Free T shirt give away over. Thanks ALL 4 participating.

Free T-shirt give away past. T shirts go out hopefully no later then 2 weeks from Oct 17, 2019. Thanks for making the planet a better place by featuring your found Kindness humanity & animal Life.

Try every day with every waking breath to make the planet a better place. 1 times many We ALL can make a difference.

Update : Earth day Free T-shirt runs through Oct 14, 2019

Revamped FREE t shirt give away. Made even easier to make a video and send my way via email
Hope you ALL join in for FREE t- shirt.
Everyday try & make the planet better.

Shorter video explaining details.

Support :

Earth Day Promotion / Contest / Creations

Mtpabp is feeling motivated.

April 22 at 8:39 PM ·

Earth Day promotion / Contest. Runs from Earth day till Oct 14, 2019.

Not my normal video creation. Opening the third EYE. More explained in latest video.

Before playing video the snapshot is show the hand-sign in a video. Preferably short video of kindness to humanity or animal life on earth.  Then more happiness for humanity & animal life with small FREE prizes given to who may participate.

Make America Grow Again, Meet and Greet Again

My friend and Brother Bill is walking the earth.

The MAGA Walk    Make America Grow Again.

Join him on the Discovery trail.

If able help him on his journey.  Cart for his bulldog Urban.

Hawk Crawler

Or any amount will add up to the cart. We gave 17.76. Times many that cart is payed 10 fold.

The Trail Walk Explained.

Trail Talk : The Taykit gas stove.

” Let’s grow it together for we the people. Get on the trail and don’t LIVE in FEAR. ” Brother Bill Bunting


His fb page:

Out Of the Darkness Suicide Awareness walk

Worthy cause. If able walk with me and family. Lost to many friends and family to terrible disease and mental illness that causes to much loss of life .
Out of the darkness Frederick Md walk.
Oct 20, 2018 Saturday. Help donate to my walk if able.

Please and thank you .

Join Our Team mTpAbp

Strive, Thrive, Survive

A lot has changed over the years for the better since 1800’s . But still many in roads need to be made for better wellness of ALL so there are less suicides out there.  Join Us in the fight.

March 22 World Water Day

More idea makers and actions.


How can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution? By using the solutions we already find in nature. World Water Day 2018


Rain barrels just one earth friendly idea. Get to it at your own home. Save money on water bills by storing with many alternatives for rain barrel collecting.

Make the planet a better place everyday. No matter what day it may fall on a calendar.


Presidents Day Feb 19,2018

President’s day coming up. Current polarized climate in Usa and abroad is getting extreme. Be good to one another fellow humans . No matter who might be in office. At the end of the day we all human and have that special spark for one another.

Turn hate to Love.


11/22/2017 Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone has a safe and festive Thanksgiving. Be good to one another every day . Not just this holiday week. Always strive to break bread with fellow human beings . Be kind to one another. More Love less division.



” Out of the Darkness ” Frederick Md Walk

I’m walking in the Out of the Darkness Frederick Walk to fight suicide and support AFSP’s bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

Please help me reach my goal .

This is near and dear to my heart. Between celebrities that many know. Plus to many friends over the years that have not reached out and just stayed silent till there bitter ends. To much loss of life. Many gone but never forgotten

       way before there prime years.

Thanks ALL,


8/8/2017 Solar Eclipse August 21.

Welcome ALL to the official post on main website. More updated sections in social media platforms. Created this slice of internet land on Earth day April 22. Lots of grandiose plans in next coming 10 plus years. Enjoy the soon to be Solar eclipse. Make the planet a better place ALL. Be good to one another homo sapiens. Be safe ALL.